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Signage Tablet

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Enterprise Room Booking Panel

Professional-grade room booking panel with inbuilt door lock access control, cable management, and enterprise-grade security. IAdea WRP-1000 is the world’s first premium room panel with built-In door lock access control interface, cable management and enterprise security solution that enhances room booking experiences by streamlining spaces to foster discussions without interruptions.

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XDS-1078 Series

Advanced 10.1″ Interactive Room Panel

This all-in-one 10″ smart room panel is elegantly designed for the professional workplace. The built-in programmable LED side lights are perfect for immediate visible communication of room status, displaying green when the room is available and red when not, allowing viewers to view room availability from a distance.

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XDS-1588 Series

15″ Widescreen All-In-One Interactive Meeting Room Door Sign with Embedded NFC & RFID

The XDS-1588 is a 15” touch-enabled smart signboard with all the industry’s best features IAdea 22-inch series has to offer, in addition to a built-in NFC & RFID module, as part of IAdea Smart Workplace series. Designed with industrial-grade robustness and performance, this is the best digital signage solution for every workplace and every corporation.

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22″ Interactive Smart Kiosk

A powerful touch display to drive office productivity and efficiency. The IAdea XDS-2288 is a 22” smart signboard as part of IAdea Smart Workplace series which incorporates a robust design and commercial functionality into a value-pack interactive digital signage solution.

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3 Inch Workspace E-paper Panel

The E-Paper Panel enables modern workplaces that cater to hybrid workforces with enhanced flexibility. Through our software partners’ workplace apps, team members can book desks in advance or on-the-spot with ease. The tricolor display shows desk availability in real-time, eliminating the need for queues or searching for free desks.

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10″ Non-Touch All-In-One Display

IAdea 10″ non-touch all-in-one display enables retailers and shop owners to easily place sales and promotional information in any corner of the store. With IAdea bundled content management utility, managers can quickly create playlists and update content anywhere, any time.

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22″ Non-touch All-in-one display

IAdea 22″ Non-touch All-in-one display enables corporate and campus to announce important information without interrupting classes or meetings. With IAdea bundled content management utility allow users to update announcement anywhere, any time.

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