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About Us

Aquila Data Indonesia Focuses on the distribution of high-end AV systems over an IP network solution. We provide the best-class of AV products for the enterprise market—our solutions embrace huddle-room, medium, large, ballroom to the command center.

Who Are We?

We have been experiencing more than two decades in the Unified Communication business. Our solutions are trusted by Government and Enterprise sector as parts of the substantial requisite. We analyze, design, create and implement network infrastructure to provide the most suitable and reliable data center to be passed by video and audio over IP. Our team has been certified to secure the network and protect it from unforeseen circumstances happened.


Departing from a strong foundation of Unified Communication and Network Infrastructure, Aquila Data Indonesia responding the trend of the A/V journey that network packet's aware of. As we believe the future of A/V is transparency to the IP Network. Through the digitalization of A/V, seamless integration with video and voice communication IP networks will be a standard of implementation.


Aquila Data Indonesia is working with A/V's cutting-edge technology manufacture to sophisticated A/V network integration. Our end-to-end knowledge would bring a radical integration from huddle smart-room to the complex ball-room and command-center.


We have both solid teams and tools working with us to create a comprehensive and powerful solution to be part of our value-added company.

Private Meeting
Our Mission

Be sustainable in applying technology, especially in complementing spaces activities by collaborating with a leading manufacturer.

Meeting Room
Our Vision

We are simply creating a clear collaboration place by leveraging technology to help people get clear brainstorming and communication.

Making Music
Our Commitment

We deliver, manage, and enhance professional audio and video for the most effective, natural communications possible.

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