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Voice Tracker™ III Array Microphones are Ideal for Hybrid ClassroomsBecause the Voice Tracker III

Voice Tracker™ III Array Microphones are Ideal for Hybrid Classrooms

Because the Voice Tracker III can pickup all the talkers in the classroom, yet is low cost and easy to install, it has proved to be incredibly successful for Hybrid learning.

The Voice Tracker III can be placed on a table, but it is usually located on the front wall using the enclosed wall mount. The wall mount can also be used to attach it to a podium.

Voice Trackers are easy to set up, there is no software to load. Just connect it to a computer through a 3.5mm cable (to the soundcard) or through a USB adapter. Then connect the wall power supply and you are done. All the intelligence is inside the Voice Tracker’s DSP.

If required, 3.5mm extension cables can be used in most environments.

Voice Tracker have been sold since 2002. They have proved to be extremely reliable. More than 500 Schools use Voice Tracker array microphones.

For larger rooms, several Voice Trackers can be combined using 3.5mm Ys or mixers.

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