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Vissonic VIS-MAW-TMulti-Media Wireless Touch Screen UnitNew CLEACON V2 WiFi wireless touch screen

Vissonic VIS-MAW-T

Multi-Media Wireless Touch Screen Unit

New CLEACON V2 WiFi wireless touch screen unit, with 4.3' touch screen (Not included MIC and battery) screen information includes speaking list, request to speak list, voting results, EQ settings etc, this unit base support both wired and wireless connection, with a CAT5 cable to work as wired unit and charging battery. IC card identification

-4.3 inch color touch screen

-Can set as chairman, delegate, VIP or dual users

-Dual-channel, 5G wifi and wired network

-Powered by cable, battery or dock directly

-Built-in dual headphones ports

-Built-in RFID card authentication, sign-in by IC card and voting(optional

Contact us for inquire:

M: +62 818-800-177




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