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Virtualized Q-SYS OS functionalities, ready for your PC or server.Q-SYS vCore virtualized processo

Existing Meeting Room

Let’s say you have a meeting room that already has standalone UC&C hardware, but users still want control of environmental devices such as the displays or lighting. You can deploy Q-SYS vCore in either of these scenarios to tie all these disparate devices together in a simple user control interface (UCI). In this example, vCore is installed as a hypervisor living on the same PC that is running Zoom Rooms.

This diagram shows ONE customer-provided server running multiple instances of vCore, each instance managing control for one space. These are all tied to Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager for remote monitoring and management of all virtual control instances on a single pane of glass.

Beyond the Meeting Space

It isn’t just for Enterprise applications… if didn’t need a full AV system in their classrooms, but still wanted to provide instructors with a single touchscreen to control room audio and their projectors. They simply installed vCore on a PC in each classroom, designed an intuitive user control interface and deployed to a Q-SYS touchscreen in the room;an experience they duplicated across all their classrooms.

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