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The TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The TeamConnect Ceiling 2, with its patented automatic dynamic beamforming technology, was already a leader in conference room audio technology. Now, with the addition of TruVoicelift and advanced zone control, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is the best solution for both conferencing and in-room audio for classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms, and more.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 now offers our customers unparalleled levels of control with the addition of a priority zone (allowing a single area in the room to be highlighted), five advanced exclusion zones (for pinpoint targeting and removal of unwanted noise sources), and more.

These new features are activatable and configurable via the latest firmware update for the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and via the latest version of Sennheiser Control Cockpit. Easy to install and easy to integrate. Let us help you understand the difference TeamConnect Ceiling 2 can make for you.

For inquire and consultation, visit us at or text us via WhatsApp +6281212378970

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