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TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker | Meet Your Teams

Not Your Average Microsoft Teams Speakerphone

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is the ultimate audio solution optimized for mid-sized Microsoft Teams Rooms for up to 10 people. It is designed specifically to give teams a whole new way to collaborate in hybrid meetings: smart, focused, inclusive and as if everyone is in one place.

Installation and connection have never been easier. You can fully utilize the speakerphone right away after installing it in your Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Intelligent solutions such as the integrated Cortana voice recognition software make operation on the product itself obsolete. Automatic meeting notes make an inclusive meeting experience possible for remote and hard-of-hearing participants.

As an integral part of the room and equipped with the latest technology, the product offers an omnidirectional speaker and covers a 3.5m radius with 7 integrated beamforming microphones.

-Cortana voice assistance

-Automated live transcription

-Microsoft Teams Certified

-7 Beamforming microphones

-Multiple Mounting options

-Cable length of 3m

-High Audio Quality

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