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Stadium Case Study: Hybrid Processing and Software-Based Control AV System

Stadium Case Study: Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin.

Hybrid Processing and Software-Based Control AV System

Stadiums typically require robust and reliable network AV systems to manage audio distribution for game days, concerts and other events, along with the ability to control audio and video sources on touch panels across the complex, & this installation was no different.

Regardless of the event type, AV systems that support live events are mission critical. Camp Randall had years of success with a Q-SYS system, and was looking for increased processing headroom and additional channel capacity along with the ability to expand into additional areas of the venue.

Centralized AV Processing, Distributed AV Processing, and User Control Simplified.

Deployed a redundant Q-SYS Enterprise Core 5200 setup with distributed network-based

AV endpoints, audio processing for over 90 QSC amplifiers (PL Series and CX Series),

Q-SYS I/O-Frames installed with DataPort I/O cards, Q-SYS network touch screen controllers.

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