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SCION™DSP Media and Control Processor Platform

MediaMatrix® proudly introduces SCION™, the all-new and powerful Media and Control processor platform. This 3rd generation MediaMatrix digital signal processor (DSP) calls upon 30 years of engineering excellence in both hardware and software design together with proven 24-7-365 reliability in the most demanding and prestigious venues globally delivering the most powerful DSP based media and control system available today.

SCION, a descendant of the legendary MediaMatrix NION® platform, transcends its predecessor leveraging the latest cutting-edge integrated DSP and Control Processor architecture providing a scalable, ‘Build it Your Way’ media and control processing system fully backwards compatible with NION and the ‘N’ series of MediaMatrix audio bridges and controllers being configured and controlled from the award winning nWare™ software suite.

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M: +62 818-800-177

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