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QSC Core 110f Network + Analog I/O Processor

The Q-SYS Core 110f processor provides a solution for small, single room projects up to the largest Enterprise scale deployments. Q-SYS is a cloud- manageable audio, video, and control platform that provides the system integrator and end-user a unified software design tool and feature set suitable for projects of any scale.

The continuity of Q-SYS is unique within the competitor space and allows the Q-SYS Core 110f to leverage all the features that are available across the entire Q-SYS Platform to be used in the following applications: video conference bridging,

Acoustic Echo Canceling (AEC) and sound reinforcement in small to large meeting or multipurpose rooms, sound reinforcement in performance venues such as house of worship and theater, background music systems, wide area paging in airports, convention centers and hospitals.

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