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NL Series | Q-SYS network loudspeakers

Q-SYS NL Series network PoE loudspeakers deliver clear speech and music reproduction to the modern collaboration space. As native Q-SYS Products, the NL Series help enable true end-to-end network-based audio, video and control solutions driven by the Q-SYS OS.

The Q-SYS NL-SB42 is a 3.5-inch, two-way soundbar, while the Q-SYS NL-P4 is a 4-inch pendant-mount loudspeaker for open ceiling installations, and the Q-SYS NL-C4 is a 4-inch ceiling-mount loudspeaker. All NL Series loudspeakers are designed for low distortion to improve system level AEC performance and optimize audio intelligibility.

NL Series network loudspeakers integrate into your space with a single Ethernet cable to reduce the overall hardware footprint and lower system cost. They are available in three form factors (speakerbar, pendant mount and ceiling mount) to enable a wide range of room types, and take full advantage of the drag-and-drop integration and simple control capabilities offered by Q-SYS.

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