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NIO™ AEC8 Channel AEC Mic /Line Input Card for NION

Modular audio input and digital signal processing card for NION™ series audio processing products. Includes 8 balanced mic/line (selectable) analog inputs terminated on mini Euro connector header. Acoustic Echo Cancelling (AEC) algorithms on the card can source audio from either the input on the card or from another point in the NION.

Each AEC algorithm has an individual reference signal for cancellation and both the processed and unprocessed audio is directly available within the NION to support different processing paths. 24-bit converters with sample rates to 96 kHz and support for NWare control of analog functions included. Includes eight Euro connector blocks.

Features NIO AEC:

• Eight analog mic or line-level audio input channels with 24-bit A/D

• Eight channels of wideband acoustic echo cancellation

• Acoustic echo cancellation can be applied to mic input or internal audio input channels (from NION)

• 48 and 96 kHz audio sampling rates supported

• High reliability DIN connector to backplane, using slide rail for alignment

• Mini-Euro connectors for easy input connection

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M: +62 818-800-177



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