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Neat Pad | One Touch. Two Roles

-Simple Setup

Neat Pad ships with a wall and side mount, so it's easy for anyone to install and set up.

-Fully managed and supported.

Neat removes complexities and threats thanks to our secure, single-purpose hardware devices, meaning no stressing about passwords and patches

-Safer Meeting room

Neat Bar incorporates Neat Sense*, a capability that helps you control and monitor air quality, humidity (healthy indoor humidity levels are between 30-50% ). Furthermore, it enables you to see whether there are people in a room and, if so, how many. That way, you can be sure of always maintaining correct social distancing.

-Just Works

Neat Pad's controller function has two built-in microphones that will offer enhanced audio pickup to support even larger meeting rooms or when facing away from the screen (once enabled with a future software release.) While Neat Pad's scheduling function displays all events booked in the meeting room, with red and green side LED indicators showing the availability of the room at any given time.

Contact us for inquire:

M: +62 818-800-177



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