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Native is #1 (But You Can Still Bring Your Own Device)

Neat Loves Native

In fact, it’s our DNA. We founded Neat to create dedicated devices that make the very best of the Zoom and Microsoft Teams experience, unlocking the true potential of the two most widely used meeting platforms in the world.

BYOD refers to bringing your own personal device to a meeting room and connecting it to the devices in the room to host a video meeting

Main advantages of BYOD:

  • Use any video meeting platform e.g. Webex, Google Meet.

  • Use any collaborative tool e.g. Miro.

  • Use your own device

Device Neat Supported BYOD

Neat Board, Neat Bar or Neat Bar Pro (August release), all you need to do is connect a USB + HDMI cable to your personal device to host a meeting on any video app.

With Neat devices, you can join your meeting wirelessly with a touch of a button and enjoy perfect platform feature support – like calendar integration, multiple display support, screen layout support, whiteboarding, and more. The native meeting experience truly rules, yet we also recognize the need for flexibility. There are occasions when you simply need to Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD for short.

Contact us for inquire:

M: +62 818-800-177




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