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Model K4-600Series (4 Channel) Class D Amplifiers

Model K4-600

Series (4 Channel) Class D Amplifiers

Four-channel Power Amplifiers

Class D Amplifiers, also known as switching power amplifiers, use active transistors to function as electronic switches that can be either on or off.

The key benefit of the Class D amplifier is its high efficiency of about 90%. It is much better than its closest analog rival, the Class AB amplifier, with 50 to 70% efficiency.

The INTERSE Digital Amplifiers K4-600 provides a precise and reasonable circuit structure resulting in perfect touring applications. The temperature and circuit protection provide high durability and long-term use.

K4-600 brings super reliable, high-quality sound suitable for meeting room, ballroom, home-theater, and live music. Either indoor or outdoor use, K4-600 gives implementation flexibility through original Neutrik XLR / SpeakON connectors.

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