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Microphones for Telemedicine – The Voice Tracker™ III Array Microphone

Microphones for Telemedicine – The Voice Tracker™ III Array Microphone

With the improvement in VoIP computer based conferencing products or network based camera products, it is possible to put inexpensive collaboration systems in hospital rooms and doctor’s offices to facilitate more efficient “face to face” communication.

Voice Tracker array microphones are ideal for these applications since their long pick up range and wide field of view enable voice capture of the patient as well as other staff in the room.

The Voice Tracker’s low cost and reliability improves the cost effectiveness of telemedicine. Because of the low cost of the Voice Tracker, one hospital was able to put 850 units in patient rooms.

For VoIP computer based conferencing systems like Skype and Zoom that have good acoustic echo cancellation, the Voice Tracker I or Voice Tracker III can be used.

Voice Tracker array microphones can be installed permanently in the room, or in roll in carts.

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