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LTV LS12HE12-Inch 2-way Compact Multipurpose Loudspeakers

Auditorium | Ballroom | Seminar | Café | Resto | Hotel | Worship

The LTV-LS12HE has a straightforward design for every space. It has been tuned to make people easy to use and operate. Just plug-and-play, and it magically works. The LTV LS12HE can be installed in pole-mounted, yoke-mounted, as well as floor monitor, make it versatile in every situation. It is lightweight and compact, make it easy to transport. The LTV LS12HE supports outdoor use with an IP rating of 61.

LTV LS12HE represents the best-in-class loudspeak- er for todayʼs demanding audio professionals. The per- fect combination of compact design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple and intuitive operation, and highly chosen component from around the world, LTV LS12HE delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed applications.


•Compact and powerful performance

•1600 Watt peak power

•Lightweight and highly portable

•Professional appearance looks great in any application

•Versatile implementation

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