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Hygiene Meeting with Sennheiser Ceiling Microphones

During a pandemic, cleanness and sterilization are first.

Using conventional microphones in the meeting room like a hand-held microphone or condenser that moveable from one to another, persons are susceptible to the spreading of virus Covid-19.

Here, with Sennheiser TCC2 CEILING MICROPHONE helps your meeting keep hygiene. You are free to move anywhere inside the meeting room. Regardless are you walking, writing to the whiteboard, or present your slide. Sennheiser Ceiling Microphone with Beanfoarming Microphone will track your movement and ensure your voice is finely captured and sent to the far end or even local output.

There is no more mic's transit from one to another people in the meeting room—no more low battery of microphones.

Sennheiser Ceiling Microphone works well with Zoom, Teams, and Webex. Try it and tell us how you experience it.

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