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Fluxair WU-10 + DG-H15 | Wireless Bring Your Own Meeting System

WU-10 is our brand new wireless conference product that’s designed to meet today’s hybrid workforce’s requirement with not only local presentation but also collaborate with remote participants, it enables people the room camera, mic, speaker and display with their own laptops wirelessly, so people can take advantage of room A/V system to collaborate with both in-room and remote meeting participants, without cable limitation and hassle.

DG-H10 is a HDMI dongle that work compliantly with all of our wireless media bases, unlike other dongle in the market to start casting with button click, it provides a different user experience with touch and tap, with is more easy and efficient; it doesn't require installation of any software or driver, what's more? neither it needs additional USB power cable to connect, which gives more convenience to use.

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M: +62 818-800-177




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