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Digital Mixer Hippo D1608

The product has built-in USB recording and playback functions, and supports APE\MP3\FLAC\WAV losslessaudio formats.

The simple digital interactive interface is more in line with the professional requirements of modern multi purpose halls and various types of conference rooms for audio, and can be widely used inspeeches, trainings, conferences, entertainment gatherings and other scenarios.

• 8 Microphone input, 4 stereo input, 2 USB input, 4 auxiliary output, stereo monitor output

• Built-in USB recording and playback function, support MP3, WAV and other mainstream audio formats;

• 8 DCA marshalling and 8 mute marshalling

• Built-in: sine wave, white/pink noise signal generator

• 4 Types of effects (reverberation, delay, tone sandho, chorus)

• Each input channel has high and low cutting, 6 section parametric equalizer, compressor, noise gate, phase reversal, delay device.

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