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Desk Stand Transmitter + ES925 Gooseneck + ElementAvailable Desk Stand Configurations

The ES925 microphone’s low-profile element attaches to the small-diameter gooseneck, which offers highly flexible positioning with an unobtrusive appearance. An essential foam windscreen protects against plosives, and the choices of power module offer a solution for any installation.

The low-profile element housing of the XLR power module features a highly visible, single-state RGB LED status indicator that functions seamlessly with ATUC series products and the AT8699R desk stand. It plugs into any standard XLRF-type connector or mounts to 5/8"-27 stands using the optional quick-mount stand adapter.

The desk stand power module features heavy die-cast construction and no-slip bottom pads to minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone. It is equipped with a touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch with local and remote switching options. Locally, it can be set to any one of three operating modes: “touch-on/touch-off,” “touch-to-talk” and “touch-to-mute.”

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