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Dereverberation on Neat Bar Pro and Neat Frame

We have updated our audio processing systems on the Neat Bar Pro and Neat Frame to include dereverberation. Reverb is an effect caused by audio waves reflecting off surfaces in a room to create a “cavernous” or “echoey” quality that gets picked up by the microphone. This has a negative impact on speech intelligibility and creates a poor audio experience for far-end meeting participants.

Our latest voice isolation model for the Neat Frame and Neat Bar Pro attempts to reduce the detrimental effects of reverberation in the captured microphone signal. For far-end meeting participants, voices in the room will now sound closer to the microphone and be easier to understand.

You can enable dereverberation on a Neat Bar Pro by toggling “Voice isolation (beta)” in the “Audio & video” menu of your Neat system settings (System settings -> Audio & video -> Voice Isolation (beta)). On the Neat Frame dereverberation will be enabled by default.

Note: While this will improve the effect of reverberation on speech, there is no perfect solution and you may still want to apply acoustic treatment to your room for optimal audio. More information on how to set up your room for optimal audio quality can be found here:

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