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Audiovisual Rental: Audio Inventory Solutions for Event Production

AV Sets up quickly, is easy to use, sounds great out of the box, and is road-proven - reliable year after year.

Our products for rental/dry-hire are also incredibly flexible and interchangeable in myriad configurations, allowing you to own fewer specialized pieces of equipment.


Covered for local events such as music in the park, 5K running events, local auctions and other events for crowds of up to 500 people.


Provides a variety of products for regional events such as music festivals, national marathon races, regional sporting events and other medium to large size events for crowds of up to 5,000 people.

Corporate Event

Whether the CEO is giving a presentation to the company or a rock band is playing the company picnic, QSC sound systems have the reliability, ruggedness and sound quality.

Smart Meeting Room | Auditorium | Ballroom | Seminar | Café | Resto | Hotel | Classroom | Worship | Conference

Call us For inquire and demo in Indonesia +6221-29376145.

For inquire and consultation

visit us at or text us via WhatsApp +6281212378970



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