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AcousticDesign™ Series Solution

The AcousticDesign™ Series offers integrators a premium quality installed sound solution where performance, consistent coverage, and aesthetics are paramount. Specifically designed to maintain a consistent tonal characteristic across the entire family in ceiling, surface, and pendant applications, the AcousticDesign™ Series allows integrators seamless transitions within blended installations.

The QSC AcousticDesign™ Ceiling Loudpseakers Series suitable for Restaurant, Retail, Audio Visual, Education, Concourses, Casinos, Transportation Terminals, Worship Facilities, Large System Ancillary Support

Smart Meeting Room | Auditorium | Ballroom | Seminar | Café | Resto | Hotel | Classroom | Worship | Conference

Call us For inquire and demo in Indonesia +6221-29376145.

For inquire and consultation

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