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Modern Conference Room

Smart Large Room

Abstract Futuristic Background

The design and layout of a large conference room are essential because it sets the framework for the work that takes place within it. If you're running a company that values transparency, openness, and inclusivity, you probably won't feel served by a dark, windowless, wood-paneled conference room.


An ideal smart-large conference room design should reflect the values and requirements of the company creating it. Most importantly, it needs to meet the physical and technological needs of the team members who will be using it; this includes equipping your room with the right A/V system and giving your employees the tools they need to collaborate successfully. The characteristics of the space, fixtures, and equipment it contains need to address visibility, acoustics, connectivity, and accessibility for users.


Your conference room A/V setup has to be up to date, as well as easy to configure and operate. It needs to be robust enough that speed, connectivity, and resolution issues won't derail presentations or video.

conferencing streams. When your equipment is prone to failure, has recurring connection problems, or is just plain outdated, you're not going to be able to use your meeting space efficiently.

Creating a smart-large meeting room required the accuracy of defining each product. Integration of each component might from different vendors and will create incompatibility. It is essential to know each product compatibility table of mapping. Professional A/V system knows and has trained to tackle complex integration with three-party product solutions.


A control-system of A/V, peripherals, and scheduling system is mandatory for simplifying the operation.


Key points to build an appropriate large room's sound quality are managing the adequate sound quality output versus sending voice level to avoid feedback stream. The choice of suitable microphones and DSP is necessary to get clear audio in both directions. We fully understand how the usually large room is being used; hence, the skillset is essential to complete the complete integration of network, conferencing camera, display, A/V in/out, and space.

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