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LTV LS21BP | 21-Inch Solid and Powerful Subwoofer

Auditorium | Ballroom | Seminar | Café | Resto | Hotel | Worship

High performance, superior sound quality, and lasting reliability.

The LTV LS21BP is a very high output subwoofer producing impressive low frequencies for mobile entertainers, AV production and clubs/venues applications. Featuring a 21-inch band pass subwoofer system driver with 3200 Watt peak power rating, the LTV LS21BP delivers high sound pressure levels with dynamic and musical sound reproduction of very low frequencies.

LTV LS21BP represents the best-in-class subwoofer for todayʼs demanding audio professionals. The perfect combination of compact design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple and intuitive operation, and highly chosen component from around the world, LTV LS21BP delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed applications.


• Very high output with impressive low frequency performance

• 3200 Watt peak power

• Refined, professional and elegant appearance in any application

• Rugged painted wood enclosure for lasting durability

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