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The Crest Audio® CPL™ 25C+

The Crest Audio® CPL™ 25C+ is a compact passive two-way coaxial loudspeaker designed for music playback, public address and live performance reinforcement applications where space is at a premium.

The CPL 25C+ can be utilized for both permanent installations and portable live sound applications. Perfect for public address, monitoring and background audio reinforcement purposes typically required in houses of worship, clubs, bars/restaurants, retail outlets plus education and corporate meeting facilities or anywhere high quality discrete audio distribution is required.

The CPL 25C+ is equipped with two premium 5 inch woofers having a 1.5 inch voice coil together with one coaxially mounted 1 inch exit Neodymium compression driver known for its smooth frequency response and non-fatiguing mid range. Conical directivity pattern of the loudspeaker is measured at 80° providing a wide yet well controlled audio coverage. An internal advanced crossover network maintains EQ and driver protection. Impedance of the loudspeaker is 8 Ohms allowing for easy daisy chaining. Connectivity is made via either looping 4-pin twist-lock or 4-pin Euroblock connectors.

The CPL 25C+ enclosure is built from prime-grade 15 mm plywood that offers sturdy mechanical and low resonant electro-acoustic characteristics together with a heavy-duty steel grille backed with acoustic foam to ensure maximum protection of the internal components. The loudspeaker is equipped with a total of 7 threaded suspension points offering multiple mounting options for various applications. Available in durable black and white finish.

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