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S-Track Software Sound Card

Compatible with professional fine tuning track

Reaper, SAM, Studio one, Cubase racks are at your choice

Equipped with professional plug-in according to vocal lines and singing habits to customise your own high-quality effects

Compatible with major live broadcast platforms, Suitable for multiple scenarios.

Stage, recording studio, various types, of live broadcast, rooms, radio, television, news, etc.

No independent installation is required Tight structure, easy to carry, suitable for a variety of movable scenes. With independent headphone output, you can hear analog input or computer audio at anytime. It is an indispensable tool for every computer musician.

Lossless transmission, zero delay in recording

Use Asio technology to improve transmission speed. Reduce latency. Ultra0low latency brings you excellent recording quality.

Enjoy live broadcast over 100 kinds of sound effects to choose from, not limited singing, but there are multiple effect options such as shouting, hosting, chatting, making live broadcast more interesting.

High-Value personality appearance, black technology, unstoppable.

The overall sound is smooth and natural, the sound bottom is clean, moist, transparent and full of atmosphere.

Smart Meeting Room | Auditorium | Ballroom | Seminar | Café | Resto | Hotel | Classroom | Worship | Conference

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