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Internexus MX-1616D Audio Processor

The Internexus MX-1616D Audio Processor provides a fully integrated audio, video and control solution for installations with a mixture of analog and network channels, supporting medium-sized rooms through the largest Enterprise-scale deployments.

The MX-1616D digital audio processor supports a 16-way analog input/output and 16-way Dante input/output channel. It provides low delay and high-fidelity audio signal transmission under a high broadband network. It supports USB recording and playback functions for recording and broadcasting and teleconferencing capability.

The Internexus DSP series supports Acoustic feedback cancellation (AFC), Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) The interfaces support RS232, RS485, and GPIO control interfaces for the perfect connection of various control devices.

Dante Connector

Dante (Level 1): 1000 Base-T Ethernet connector, provide up to 32 (16x16) channel Dante network audio.

Dante (Level 2): 1000 Base-T Ethernet connector, used for redundancy Dante network audio.

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