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White Meeting Room

Small Room

The ideal small room accommodates 5-10 people and is equipped with an extended microphone to cover and capture more people while talking. The small room could be used as a workspace when unscheduled. A small organization with 10-15 people will benefit from a small room because it is easy to build, lower cost, and does not apply sophisticated technology to operate. The small room meeting room is a must in most organizations to create better collaboration meetings. Mostly, the basic technology is beginning to apply such wireless presentation and medium-high audio product.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Key points to build an appropriate small room's sound quality are managing the adequate sound quality output versus sending voice level to avoid feedback stream. The choice of suitable microphones and DSP is necessary to get clear audio in both directions. We fully understand how a usually small room is used; hence, the skillset is essential to complete the complete integration of network, conferencing camera, display, A/V in/out, and space.

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