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Command Center

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Taken from Wikipedia, A command center is any place that is used to provide a centralized command for some purpose.

While frequently considered a military facility, governments or businesses can use it in many other cases. The term "war room" is also often used in politics to refer to communications teams who monitor and listen to the media and the public, respond to inquiries, and synthesize opinions to determine the best course of action.

If all command center functions are located in a single room, this is often referred to as a control room.

A command center enables an organization to function as designed, to perform day-to-day operations regardless of what is happening around it, in a manner in which no one realizes it is there. Still, everyone knows who is in charge when there is trouble.

Conceptually, a command center is a source of leadership and guidance to ensure that service and order are maintained, rather than an information center or help desk. Its tasks are achieved by monitoring the environment and reacting to events, from the relatively harmless to a significant crisis, using predefined procedures.

Since it is a complex implementation, designing a command center requires standardization and quality management to warranty the systems are flowing correctly and monitored. Software integration is also essential to be integrated as part of command center services.

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